Caring Hearts Family Medical can offer outpatient consultations in the following specialties:

Allergy Test

No matter how severe an allergy you have. Our team of immunologists and allergists at CHF Medical gives you the tools you need to manage your allergies. You can do daily chores while living everyday life. 

Asthma Therapy

Whatever kind of severe asthma you have, CHF medical can help you. We offer anti-inflammatory medication for severe asthma. With this, you might come across:

  • Fewer asthma attack
  • Better berating and improved lung function
  • Improved asthma symptom control


Blood Pressure

CHF medical blood pressure experts help navigate regulatory changes and monitor blood pressure, including ambulatory blood pressure services. Get  stress-free checkups at Port St. Lucie & Palm Springs Community with CHF medical. Check in online and walk in for an easy way to feel better.


High cholesterol is dangerous for you. It is at high risk for heart disease. The only way to know if you have high cholesterol is to visit CHF medical’s experts for a cholesterol checkup. Walk into our clinic anytime, and you will not only wait for less, but you will get seen more quickly at a much lower cost

Colon Cancer

Colon cancer specialists will create your customized treatment plan at CHF. Our specialties include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. With individualized, compassionate care from our team of professionals, we hope to help you regain control over your life.

Covid Screening

CHF can quickly meet your needs for a physical Covid Screening exam. Receive nearby care you can rely on. Call us or walk in to reserve your appointment.


We provide a broad range of care for patients with diabetes and those at risk of developing the disease. CHF medicine at Port St. Lucie & Palm Springs offers comprehensive care to help you manage or avoid diabetes so you may regain control of your life. Call and visit the office immediately with any queries about type 1 or type 2 diabetes or make an appointment


An EKG is a non-invasive technique for determining your heart’s electrical activity at rest. Our on-site diagnostic radiology and clinical laboratory services can assist in providing you with a precise and prompt diagnosis when you visit CHF medical at Port St. Lucie & Palm Springs.

Gastrointestinal Ailments

Consultant gastroenterologists investigate and make diagnoses of digestive system issues. Ultrasounds and blood tests are frequently suggested as diagnostic tools.


CHF Medical, Consultant Gynecologists offer consultations and simple outpatient gynecological procedures like colposcopy and smear testing.


CHF medical offers the most cutting-edge breast care for women in the region. It includes standard check-ups, screening exams, and diagnostic mammography to rule out breast cancer.  This test may not be perform in office. 

Monoclonal Antibody

CHF Medical offers outpatient monoclonal antibody treatment. It is one of the treatment options available to fight against COVID-19. How adding our monoclonal therapy to vaccines might be helpful.


A DOT Physical Examination is a medical test for anyone operating a commercial vehicle. Commercial drivers and other workers whose jobs require them to be in good health are ensured through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s tough guidelines-mandated DOT physicals. With CHF Medical, you can also walk-in or make an appointment ahead of time. We are available five days a week so that you can come to one of our location. 


we accept all major medical insaurance.For the latest information please call one of our medical centers.

Insurance List

  • Aetna PPO
  • Aetna HMO
  • Aetna Better Health
  • Avmed
  • BCBS PPO and HMO
  • Bright Healthcare
  • Cigna HMO and PPO POS
  • Careplus
  • Clear Health Alliance
  • Devoted
  • Humana PPO and HMO
  • Humana Medicaid
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Molina Medicare, Marketplace
  • Preferred Care Partners
  • Oscar
  • Sunshine Medicaid 
  • Staywell
  • Oscar
  • United HealthCare HMO PPO

Check up

We provide check-ups at all of our locations. Routine check-ups are recommended for all Patients to find any underlying health issues..

check up List

Abcesses, Animal/Insect Bites, Auto Accidents, Breaks/Fractures, Bronchitis, Burns, Cuts/Lacerations, Dehydration, Ear/Head Aches, ED, Eye Injuries, Foreign Bodies, Nosebleeds, Physical (DOT) Work/School, Splinters, Sprains..


We test on-site at all of our locations. Your physician will recommend testing to investigate any health issues found during your check-ups.

Testing List

Allergy Testing, Asthma, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Colon Cancer, Covid Screening, Diabetes, EKG, Gastrointestinal Ailments, Gynecological, Mammograms, Pap Smears, Prostate, Rapid Flu Test, Thyroid Disorders.

Check up

We have a wide array of shots available at all of our locations. Your physician will determine if any shots are in your best health interest.

Shots List

Testosterone Injection
B12 Shots
Flu Shot


Caring Hearts Family Medical Centers opened its doors in 2014. Our physicians are all board certified. We speak fluent Creole, French, and Spanish. We maintain a high level of expertise through continuing education in order to provide the most up-to-date care for our patients.


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